We are a brand founded by a group of passionate beauty and personal care lovers – marketeers, a PhD Scientist and PhD Pharmacist- all with a mission to take away the worries, the concerns, the uncertainties from you via the transparent, simple, and effective, yet accessible beauty care range which is not only just good for you but also better for the planet – with honestly no BS!!
Our commitment – BRAND DNA


In an industry full of miracle-in-a-bottle marketing, the complexities, exaggerated offers, and general nonsense of an overcrowded beauty segment is everywhere. We all see the promise of making your skin glow, bright and/or giving you a forever-youthful look spreading over the social media and TVC everyday. With the much evolution of consumers advancement to seek for the truth easier today, would it already be the time we all start saying no to these BS (bull****) bogus claims? Should this already be the moment that we rethink and pay more attention to those issues of environmental damages, unethical practises, and negative self-images derived from this ever-expanding beauty industry and see how we could combat these topics and change the standards? We believe yes it is definitely “the” time and it starts with as small steps as just to make a pause, do a little research and demand for a real transparency before your next purchase of any beauty items. 

W Worry-free beauty challenges the status quo in cosmetic market to drive for the most transparency on our commitment for feasible simple clean formulas, practical choices of natural/organic actives, real results – a radically honest/BS free beauty culture we want to see.


The ‘simple but effective’ mantra is a common theme at W, with the emphasis on doing away with hidden ‘bad stuff’ in beauty products. We proudly shout that we have banned >2,000 potential harmful ingredients from our product ranges, replacing them with potent natural ingredient choices as alternatives so we can still keep the efficacy as promised.


The secret behind our products’ efficacy and simplicity is that we hit the sweet spot of mixtures between nature and science and create formulas with uncompromised benefits using clean components. Our products are formulated with the latest and most-potent ingredient choices together with those with certified organic grades that are so powerful and sustainable they make those harmful chemicals unnecessary.


Our 4th brand DNA can be expressed via our motto of “LIVE MORE, WORRY LESS”. We want to see only the positive vibes in a beauty society. We want to see everyone is always having only the happy day. We honestly want to stand side by side with those who has a mental health issue or with depression and try to see what we could do to help them feel better, working with those partners who drive for the same important cause. Please join us at Line @worryfreebeauty for #worryfreeclub membership registration.

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