Hello beauty, welcome to #woryfreeClub
Our motto is "LIVE MORE, WORRY LESS"

so we celebrate positive vibes only in this safe place with zero judging. We believe in a meaningful connection and a super power of supportive minds. We embrace diversity and want all of all of you to feel comfortable and worry free in your own skin.


สมาชิก วอรี่ ฟรี คลับ มีด้วยกัน 3 tier

on cloud nine: เพียงสมัครเข้ามาก็เป็นสถานะสมาชิกและได้รับแต้มแฮปปี้เลยทันที
over the moon: ภายในรอบหนึ่งปีถ้ามียอดซื้อสะสมเกิน 3,000 บาท ระดับสมาชิกจะปรับระดับขึ้น พร้อม ประโยชน์พิเศษ เช่นได้รับส่วนลดเงินสด ontop discount 10% ไม่มีขั้นต่ำในการซื้อทุกครั้ง
in seventh heaven: ภายในรอบหนึ่งปีถ้ามียอดซื้อสะสมเกิน 5,000 บาท ระดับสมาชิกจะปรับระดับขึ้น พร้อม ประโยชน์พิเศษ เช่นได้รับส่วนลดเงินสด ontop discount 15% ไม่มีขั้นต่ำในการซื้อทุกครั้ง


By being part of the worry-free club to spread the positive vibes, we would like to grant you with special tokens of "Hapyy Points" that you can redeem for a cash discount on the next purchase or for the cool gifts from us and our partners. 

Earning points would not limit to only the purchasing but also include such activations that you contribute to our club - do the social posts to support the people with mental health challenge, refer friends, or join the activities that we would have. Simple and effective!



Those with depression challenged 

In Thailand, depression causes a significant number of years of life lost due to disability. The study of burden of diseases among Thai population in 2013 showed that depression was the third leading cause of disability-adjusted life year (DALY) lost in Thai females, after cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, respectively. Among males, it is among the top twelve causes of disease burden. Stigma surrounding mental illnesses, including depression, remains a major barrier for seeking help from family, friends and professionals. Depression is a treatable condition. No one with depression should be left unreached with the help and care they need. Talking with people who are trusted is the first step towards recovery from depression.

 At W Worry-free beauty we stand side by side with those who affected with depressive disorder especially in the area of beauty-standard pressure/socail media bully, via such partners as Sati and Socialgiver who have been working on the topic intensively. 

 We’ve also always believed small choices add up to a big difference. Call it The Butterfly Effect. By supporting W, you're showing support for organizations that share our values and amplify our impact, making happy, healthy worry-free lives possible for all everywhere.


Sati App is an mobile application that believe in the power of empathy and peer support.. Set up to create a safe space where people can release their own stress or sadness without fear, Sati app team includes those well-trained empathetic listeners who are available 24 hours for the person in need to provide a shouder to cry on and uplift the mood, helping a let go of anything that is holding you back.





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